Thoughts on Space

I have been pondering the above, and I think it is inherently true about public spaces and private spaces. I think from childhood I have always had a desire to create spaces within spaces. Because the home always felt like what is described in the above as ‘a public space,’ I would create small compact spaces where I could get away and be closed off and think. As a child this would be in the form of ‘dens’ and hiding spaces. I would make little caves. It’s not quite the same now, but I do regularly feel a similar desire to be closed off from the world and these ‘public spaces’ so I can just think and gather my thoughts together constructively and creatively.

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about my current home. I love living where I’m living but because it’s basically a big wide open space, I have felt that it has fundamentally lacked one of these ‘spaces’ within the space which I can just go into. With it being essentially one big room, on one hand I find it wonderful but on the other there’s this urge – which I think has always been there for as long as I can remember, where essentially I want a small compact space I can just retreat into. I think it’s very much a psychological thing, to retreat from the world and be ‘shut off.’ I think as a child, when you could just create ‘dens’ and what not was the most pure manifestation of this. But I do think it has always been there.

So perhaps the questions we should be asking are:

What is the nature of space?

What is its relation to the objects around?

What does your space represent symbolically?

How does your space represent you?

How is your space utilised and is the utilisation of it a manifestation of your psyche, your conscious and unconscious?

Why the desire for private spaces?

What is the meaning of symbolically wishing to retreat and shut off from the world within a closed off space?

Why when in one of these spaces do I ‘feel’ more at ease, and my thoughts flow more freely and easily?

What is the nature of sanctuary?


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