Fuck, Marry, Kill: Brought to you by white upper-middle class male privilege

This is a post that goes into why you shouldn’t be concerned by anyone’s approval or disapproval and how you shouldn’t be overly concerned by what people ‘say’ anyway.

Me and my friend were playing the game ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ tonight and she was putting various people to me and if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t played this before, or if you’re just a bit slow, she was asking me if I would fuck, marry or kill them. We actually play this fairly often as it’s pretty fun. If you want to read into this a little bit, it usuallkind of works like this for most people: if a person has a good personality, is funny, decent and generally tolerable, you’ll usually marry them. If you’re a bit attracted to them or like them but only in short bursts, it’ll usually be fuck, and if they’re a bit of a chode you kill them. There’s no point reading into this TOO deeply as it just a bit of fun and can have various permutations depending on the variety of oddballs you throw at someone. At the same time, it can sometimes be a little bit insightful.

When it comes to admitting your actually attracted to someone, there is usually a level of ‘politics,’ involved. You might be attracted to someone but be unwilling it to admit it openly because there is a level of social-expectation and JUDGEMENT. Because of all of the conformist bullshit if you admit to being attracted to someone who isn’t conventionally good-looking but you like because they’re a little quirky or fun for example, people will JUDGE YOU. So in terms of the game, it’s cool because people do let their barriers down a little bit and you will find that people are attracted to various ‘characters’ for a ton of reasons. So essentially, you shouldn’t be disillusioned AT ALL, if on the surface someone doesn’t openly admit to liking you. For example: if you go out, and you’re a cool person, you’ll actually find that the OVERWHELMING majority of girls will actually be willing to at least kiss you (well it works for me anyway). Although they may act coy about it. This is not remotely to say that you can just go around putting the lips on people. Some of these women may have husbands and/or boyfriends and to tash on with them as the kids say, you have to at least have some consideration, you know, for things like discretion, logistics, and ultimately putting her in a place where she is not going to feel bad about the experience. Just kidding. Kind of. I do not encourage this sort of thing.

Anyway, with regards to the experience this is something that most people actually overlook. Essentially, there are two parts of the brain: Like you’ll see these weekend millionaires spend like £60-£100 on a table and bottle service at Fluritas on a Friday and Saturday night and spend £30 on a taxi to get home, but for example would begrudge in their ordinary life paying say £30 to buy a new table from Ikea that they would actually own or spending £2 on a can of coke in their local newsagents or putting £20 petrol in their car to drive around for the week. Why? Essentially the two parts of the brain are the emotional/experience part of the brain. The other is the more rational/day-to-day part of the brain. The experience part of the brain will make you do craaaazzzy things in the name of fun, like spending £150 on a bottle of vodka or giving blowjobs to like 24 dudes to win what you think is a holiday but what turns out to be a £2 bottle of Cava. The other part of your brain, the more rational, sensible part would be like, ‘You fucking stupid bruh?’ If someone is experiencing good emotions around you, and their emotions are going up, they will be willing to do some fucking insane things.

Anyway, the point of this is, that you shouldn’t give a fuck if someone on the surface approves or disapproves of you. No-one actually knows the true you anyway, so by not knowing you, no-one can actually fully approve or disapprove of you. Likewise, you can never fully approve or disapprove of them either, because you don’t know them. Their surface opinions don’t mean shit. Things people say are more often a projection of their own feelings towards themselves anyway, secondly, there is the aforementioned issue of politics and social judgement, thirdly, they’d probably suck 24 dicks for a £2 bottle of Cava too, and anyone who can get that irrational isn’t worth your time.


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