A Perfect Circle

I was describing some of my recent dreams to my little buddy, and she was shocked by these, ‘Jesus, Michael, is all you dream about picking up women?’ As you will see from what follows, I can understand how she got to that conclusion. I’ve become extremely interested in the nature and significance of my dreams. I’ve always been fascinated by SYMBOLISM and metaphor, and as a tru stable genius and full literature n3rd, I can’t really resist picking them apart:

Dream One: I am in a bar I know with the friend of a woman I’m dating. She stops and talks to a couple of women we mutually know, and as I have no real truck with these people so I wander off. I walk around this bar in a CIRCLE, as I am almost fully coming back on myself, there is a rope acting as a barrier, I step over this, then continue on my circular path. I see the woman I am dating and she smiles at me. We don’t speak. I walk back to her friend. Her friend and I walk over to a booth (which incidentally is the first part of this dream which hasn’t really resembled the real life venue. Anyway). We sit down and she starts leaning in towards me, resting up against me etc, the full ‘just kiss me you fucking dumbass,’ anyway, I go to kiss her and our glasses get tangled, second time we kiss, she acts a little bit coy and says something like, ‘you’ve spoiled it now,’ so I stand up and say, ‘Ok, let’s go and see your pal.’ I get up and see that down on the seat I have apparently procured a cool black leather jacket which has fairy lights on it (!), she responds ‘The woman’ is here?’ Although I was intrigued by whether this was more of a statement than a question. We walk over to ‘the woman.’ End of dream.

The Jungian interpretation: the CIRCLE represents the SELF. It’s interesting that after getting over a minor obstacle, to complete the CIRCLE, I then see the woman I am dating. She is with someone, but who it is is ostensibly irrelevant. She is therefore close to the SELF, and there’s a number of ways you could interpret this from a metaphorical or analytical viewpoint, however, I am firmly of the belief that the best person at analysing or dissecting the meaning of your dreams is yourself. So after I have overcome a minor obstacle to the completion of SELF, there she is, smiling.

The next part of the dream, from this analysis it is one of a material viewpoint and it is therefore actually superfluous and irrelevant. The friend clearly represents aspects of ‘the woman’ and the glasses represent our entanglement and the romantic nature of the relationship.  She tells me I have spoiled something. Well, that’s for another time. I stand up and see the cool jacket and the fairy lights. The fairy lights are interesting. I wrote ‘the woman’ a CELTIC ROCK OPERA based on the story of the Tuatha de Danaan. ‘The tribe of the goddess Dana.’ These were the gods of pre-christian Ireland who resided in the Otherworld. They were also considered to be fairy people. I wrote about this a few days back. In terms of the ‘completion of a circle,’ I also considered something I’d never really thought about. A few years back I dated a woman from Dublin aka the Tallaght girl. She was a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed ‘stun hun.’ She also had a heart of gold. As I am tru stable genius, I do often think, oh, I’m like really smart, however, upon getting to know this woman I would often think, ‘She knows all of the important stuff.’ It actually occurred to me that in many respects, she was far more intelligent than I was. This was a concept that I hadn’t really given a lot of though to. Most people associate intelligence with racking up knowledge in a particular field, academia, whatever. After meeting her, I started thinking about intelligence on a more intuitive level. It occurred to me that a lot of the parameters of intelligence we set are on the broader scale pretty fucking irrelevant and meaningless. Hers was an intelligence based on intuitive values: family, love, kindness, joy, happiness. Her name was Dayna. As briefly alluded to in my post a few days back, this is ultimately how this story began. ‘The woman’ doesn’t actually share much in common at all with ‘the Tallaght girl,’ but it has crossed my mind that they both have that same ‘intelligence.’ They know the important things in life. Anyway… back to the designated dream: as I stand up, put on my cool jacket, the friend declares ”The woman’ is here.’ Well, of course she is, she’s over the back with my SELF.

The second dream is like totes NSFW bruuuh. I don’t know if on some level this stems from the amount of time certain people I work with spend talking about a certain ‘street,’ but here we are. I had a dream about picking up a prostitute, without any money changing hands. At which point everyone is like, ‘Well how was she a prostitute if you didn’t pay her? You fucking sexist bro?’ Anyway. The dream: I am in some apartment, I have no idea how I got there and I am dancing with our minxy little harlot of desire. Full Strictly style. Due to my slick dance moves, this escalates and I am on her bed finger-blasting her, she squirts all over some oddly placed textbook of some kind. It has diagrams of some sort. Hot fun in the winter time. End of dream.

This one is pretty straightforward. In the words of my proverbial boy Brendan Behan, ‘The difference between paying for sex and sex for free is that sex for free costs more.’ This dream relates to the metaphorical COST of finger-blasting minxy little harlots of desire. More pertinently, I suspect from the dancing aspect that this relates to my previous relationship with a woman who incidentally wasn’t a prostitute, but with whom I subsequently paid a heavy COST: emotionally, financially, spiritually, and on some level as a result of those things, even physically. Our woman here CLIMAXES and squirts ejaculate all over a book. I mean, I’m no expert, but when that page is turned, it’s turned for good. It’s time to turn the page. All things are released etc.

I dedicate this post to my tru faves Maynard James Keenan and A Perfect Circle. Circles are the best shape, they have no beginning or end, like the Journey song: they just go on and on and on.

I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown,
catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun,
I choose to live.


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