(Almost) Finished With Labour

What’s the bloody point of being a member and having a vote if our voice is just going to be vetoed by a completely unrepresentative parliamentary party?
I’m not just talking about people necessarily identifying with Corbyn hereor his supporters here.

I’m talking about a huge chasm in values between the parliamentarians and the membership and then with the casual voter, which at the moment just seems irreconcilable. It’s not like I even think Corbyn is particularly representative of most Labour voters.Certainly not ones from places like where I live who can be quite small c conservative and frown upon a lot of the middle class fringe issues which have overshadowed him at times. Take things like Trident for example. The people here have no interest in that, precisely because communities like Sunderland have always been the ones to build things like Trident! Not because there’s some innate desire to destroy the planet, just the fact that it’s an industry and industries like shipbuilding are what have kept roofs over people’s heads for generations. The people are too focused on just surviving and don’t have the time to worry about issues like nuclear weapons. Having the time to think about such things would be a luxury almost. Still, at the time of the vote, he was the closest to representative available.

I would actually have no issue whatsoever with someone standing against Corbyn if there was a good candidate with something to offer. There isn’t. That’s why he got the job in the first place! What a shambles.


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