Labour: The PLP and Jeremy Corbyn

Let’s get this straight:

Labour prior to Corbyn was on a fast track to political insignificance (i) being wiped out in Scotland post Indy-ref (ii) mainly because the ideologically vapid, toxic Blairites/Tory lites are so bereft of any kind of progressive policies they’ve lost the last two general elections and not only that, they’ve lost the Labour heartlands of Scotland. This isn’t an accident and it has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to put 2+2 together.

The rise of Corbyn was a response from the membership, he is symptomatic of the crisis in Labour and of the members wanting something more representative that isn’t the toxic proven failure of post-Blairism. If any of the people who are now (still) trying to oust him had had anything about them, he wouldn’t have been elected as Labour leader in the first place. This wasn’t some blind ideological crusade by Labour members, it was the fact that he was the best of a particularly vapid and useless bunch.

Ironically, it’s the ones who shout loudest that Corbyn is unelectable, wh0 are the ones who are most unelectable themselves. Not only the membership, but the country hates them, that’s why they’ve lost two general elections to the most nauseating party for years and continue to trail in the polls.

Jeremy Corbyn will not be Labour leader at the next GE, but Labour will lose. It will have nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, or Corbyn’s year in charge. It’ll have everything to do with that if the people of this country are given a choice between the shallow, vapid Conservative Party and a party trying to be like a shallow, vapid Tory Party because they think that’s what wins votes, the country will again opt for the real thing.


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